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Sep 05 2010

Life is a Wonderful Adventure! – Issue #59

Each morning when we let our kitties out, I watch them step cautiously over the threshold of the door, with their heads lowered, crouching as they look around the porch for hidden dangers. “Where is dat big black meany cat? Do yu see dat orange cat dat messes wid us?” They are scared but they want to go outside anyway and experience the great adventure that is life.

I am thrilled that we sprung the kitties from their safe prison (they were indoor cats for their first four years) and released them to the pleasures and terrors of the outside world. It’s so much fun watching them taste all of life, including rats, and having exciting explorations and glorious adventures.

“Life is where one goes to temporarily believe in death, fleetingly forget their power, and briefly have the Dickens scared out of them, voluntarily. All in the name of adventure.” (Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe)  Life is a wonderful adventure and it is sometimes very scary, but oh so worth it — especially when we remember our power.

This morning I was reminded of that power. Tom held me in his arms and told me how much he loved having me in his life, how he loved my body and my soul, loved all of who I am and felt lucky to be with me. I took it in, marveling at this miracle in my life – a miracle I intentionally created.

For many years I longed to hear those words from someone, but I didn’t really believe I ever would. I remember when psychic Pamala Oslie told me about Tom years before he appeared in my life, describing him perfectly and saying, “He thinks you’re wonderful. He thinks you’re beautiful.” That was very hard for me to believe, and that was the problem — I needed to believe those things about myself before he could come into my life. I also needed to be willing to step over the threshold into the scary, exciting adventure that is love.

One day I decided that I was ready to take on that great adventure. I proclaimed to myself, “I am willing to do whatever it takes.” I was finally willing to face all the fears that relationship brought up for me, the terror of possible pain and abandonment, the fear of loss. I was willing to heal my heart and open to love. I turned all my energy and focus toward that mission, that great adventure, to love and be loved. I saturated my life with that purpose, I marinated in that goal, and the Universe responded by bringing me everything I needed for that great journey, including Tom!

Now, in present time, lying in Tom’s arms I thought, wouldn’t it be great to create another miracle, a healing miracle? I healed the blockage in my heart…I can heal this blockage in my belly in the same way.

I have stepped over the threshold into this cancer adventure and it is scary, exciting and awakening. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the fullest learning and healing from this experience. I am marinating myself in love, healing energy, vibrant foods and high vibrations; consequently the Universe is flowing to me everything I need in order to heal — inspiring books, topnotch healers, and love and prayers from the beautiful people in my life. In the midst of cancer, I feel a sense of ease, trust and wellbeing — I call that a miracle!

How about you? Is there a threshold beckoning you to step over it? Do you remember the power you possess to create the scary, exciting, enlivening life of your dreams?  I am wishing for you a wonderful adventure!

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen

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Jul 11 2010

Best of Jan’s Juicy Nuggets – Issue #55

Last Wednesday I was interviewed about my cancer journey on Pamala Oslie’s weekly radio show. Pamala is a high caliber psychic and author in Santa Barbara who receives my newsletters, felt inspired by them, and wanted me to share some of my learning with her listeners. I was nervous but also thrilled to think that sharing my experience and tools might help people. Being of service helps this whole thing make sense to me, it makes it all worth it. Tom was there at the interview as well and got to share some of his learning and experience living with a loved one with cancer.

Prior to the show Pam asked me to make a list of some of the things I’d be most excited talking about. I reread all my newsletters and culled from them the juiciest bits. Here are some of those juicy bits. (Most of them were covered in the interview. Below is a link to the archived tape of the interview if you’d like to listen to it).


I first found out I had uterine cancer just before my 60th birthday. Having something growing in my uterus at the time of such an important birthday made me wonder, “What wants to be born into my life?” I realized that I had been stagnating — I’d done the same work for 27 years and was no longer inspired by it. I’ve always wanted to do inspirational writing. That was my dream. I would tell myself, “Someday I will write.” Cancer kicked my ‘someday’ into ‘WRITE NOW!’ It shook me awake and compelled me to take a risk and live my dream. That’s when the newsletter was born. Have you given birth to your dream?


As someone on a spiritual path, I believe that life is all about soul growth and all about love. I see this cancer growth as a growth opportunity and I want to get the most growth I can from it! I’ve asked myself, “What can I learn from this cancer? What wants to be loved here?” I see the tumor as an energy blockage. How am I blocking my energy?  I realize that the belly and pelvic area of my body have sometimes been unloved parts of me. I haven’t brought a lot of breath and awareness to the area. I’ve felt shame about some of the bodily functions there. I’ve also blocked chi energy there by clenching in fear. I am now breathing fully into this area, ventilating it with healing energy. It has got my full loving attention. Is there a part of your body and emotions that you haven’t loved?


The Buddha talks about the two arrows of suffering. The first arrow is called primary suffering — it’s when we have a physical pain or an emotional pain, such as the loss of a loved one. The second arrow is called secondary suffering and it is self-inflicted when we react to the primary pain with resentment, resistance, distraction, or wallowing in victim energy. Those reactions lock the pain in. This has been a challenge of mine, to not get sucked into contractive victim energy. Finding ways to free myself of secondary suffering and move into expansive energy has been my life work. Are you trapped in secondary suffering? The following are valuable tools I’m using that might be helpful for you as well.


Since I found out last week that the chemo and radiation treatment didn’t eliminate the cancer, I’ve felt scared and sad and have been having many a “good” cry. A good cry is when I feel the energy fully and allow it to pass through, without putting spin or story on it. This allows it to move through quickly, like a rain shower, and I feel clear and cleansed afterward. A “bad” cry is when I’m circling the drain in a sad story, in a tailspin, like a dog chasing it’s tail of woe, round and round I go, and ‘poor me’ down the drain. A bad cry is very draining!


Sometimes I am gripped by fear. When that happens I move toward the fear by bringing my awareness to my body. I notice where I’m feeling the fear, such as shallow breath and a tight stomach. Then I name the feeling, saying, “I feel scared.” No spin, no story, simply, “I feel scared.” I begin to breath more easily. (This works with anger and sadness as well).

Next I bring loving kindness to the fear, my compassionate witness talks to the fear, saying, “I know that you’re scared. It’s okay to feel scared. This is scary. I’m here with you. I love you. I’ll take good care of you.” More breath and more expansion happen. I’m now ready to TAG myself, affirming Trust, Acceptance, and Gratitude and I expand even more.


One of my greatest learning in all this is to accept that this is what’s happening. Accepting isn’t giving up, it’s coming into harmony with what is. It’s letting go of the contractive energy of regret and resistance (secondary suffering), and coming into the expansive energy of surrender. That expansive energy leads to a state of grace where guidance and solutions appear. It’s a state of flow where everything I need comes to me. It’s a state of wholeness and oneness with all that is. It’s a state of being where healing can happen. The words healing, health, holy and wholeness all have the same root.


Singing, dancing, laughing and smiling creates endorphins, enhances the immune system and puts us in an expansive state. Reverend Michael Beckwith says that praying and playing are the same energetic. Chinese healer Chunyi Lin advocates that smiling generates healing love energy. He has a great acronym for SMILE:  Starting My Internal Love Engine.

Play is also a powerful shift tool when we’re stuck in negative patterns. When I notice my cynical attitude is taking over, I play with it! I give it a name, Cynny, and I exaggerate her grousing, I let her rip! This brings her out of the shadows, into the light, into wholeness, and I expand into the playful, prayful state of grace. Plus, it’s just plain fun!


Knowing that my time here may be limited has galvanized me into the present moment. I want to be fully alive while I am alive, fully here and now. I’m seeing the world through present-moment baby eyes, brand new, drinking it all in. Tom and I look into each other’s eyes, really seeing each other, feeling the eternity of the present moment. When I find myself thinking about the future and worrying, I affirm, “Present moment, only moment.” When I’m fully in the present, time actually expands and it’s beautiful. In truth, right now is all there is. I am here now.

It is such an honor and so gratifying to me that you are reading these newsletters and that they may be of help to you in some way. It was a thrill to be on the radio, for the same reason. I truly feel that I am right where I’m supposed to be. I am doing my soul’s work. This moment is perfect just as it is.

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen


Here is the link to the radio interview http://www.netbriefings.com/event/auracolors/Archives/radioshow/index.html

You can also access it by going to Pamala’s website, Auracolors.com, click on Radio Show, then Archives, then Podcast.

There is a wealth of other wonderful archived interviews with fascinating people such as Kenny Loggins, Gay and Katie Hendricks, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Swami Beyondananda, Mike Dooley, Dan Millman, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Terry Cole-Whitaker, Ceasar Millan and many more. I listened to several yesterday as I was getting a blood transfusion (for severe anemia) and it put me in an expanded state. Pamala is very personable and an excellent interviewer who brings out the best and the depth in people.

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