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May 01 2011

Amazing Surprises, Awesome Twists, and Spellbinding Coincidences Ahead! – Issue #72

Psss-s-s-s-t-t, S-h-h-h-h-h-h!

Around the bend, in the unseen, arising from the very uncertainties that may now seem to taunt you, there are some amazing surprises, awesome twists, and spellbinding coincidences about to emerge that you can’t even now imagine.


The Universe

This was the perfect Note from the Universe (from Mike Dooley at Tut.com) that I received last week. One year ago this month I had begun my 6-week radiation and chemo treatment for recurrent uterine cancer and was deeply immersed in the misery of nausea, weakness, and the dismal awareness that the chances of the grueling treatment working were slim. It was difficult to imagine back then that a year later I’d still be here…thriving!

With time possibly limited, I was motivated this year to immerse myself in the present moment, savoring it like delicious candy, and to my great delight, time has stretched like taffy into a sweet eternal Nooooow! The quality of time has literally changed for me. I don’t just know, I feel that right now is all there is. Whenever my mind races into a feared future, I say “Whoa Nelly!”, and take deep slow breaths, bringing my mind back to the bounty of this nourishing present moment. This is a great treasure I have found!

Another great treasure that this year has brought me is the priority of focusing on the healing, wholing, holy energy of love. For the rest of my life, love is what I want to create and where I want to dwell. How much I have loved in this life is something I believe I take with me when I go.

I have also lasered into living my life on purpose, getting on with what I came here to do — writing from my heart and soul and sharing it with others. It is a treasure beyond measure to think that I can be of help in this way.

This year I have learned to not sweat the small stuff, but instead to celebrate the big stuff, like the present moment, love, and living a purposeful life. What a bountiful banquet I have found myself at! I couldn’t have known a year ago when things seemed so dire, that a more vibrant, meaningful, luscious life was about to unfold.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Last week I saw the documentary, I Am, created by Tom Shadyac, a highly successful director of comedy hits like Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar, and The Nutty Professor. In 2007 he was in a bike accident, which damaged his arm and his head, leaving him with Post Concussion Syndrome. He suffered intense pain, mood swings, and ringing in his head for many months. He didn’t think he was going to make it, and he began to welcome death.

Faced with death, he asked himself, “If this is it for me – if I really am going to die – what do I want to say before I go? What will be my last testament?” Miraculously, with this new sense of purpose, his symptoms began to subside, allowing him to focus on and create the heart-opening, soul-stirring, mind-expanding film, I Am. In it he explores what’s wrong with the world and how we can help make it right. What he ultimately discovered is that there is more right about the world than wrong.

Can you remember times when things looked bleak, but turned out even better than you could imagine? When we hang in there, twists and turns and coincidences present themselves, and our life miraculously goes from sucky to succulent, from yucky to YUM!  No matter how things may seem, be open for surprises and miracles!

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen

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Sep 05 2010

Life is a Wonderful Adventure! – Issue #59

Each morning when we let our kitties out, I watch them step cautiously over the threshold of the door, with their heads lowered, crouching as they look around the porch for hidden dangers. “Where is dat big black meany cat? Do yu see dat orange cat dat messes wid us?” They are scared but they want to go outside anyway and experience the great adventure that is life.

I am thrilled that we sprung the kitties from their safe prison (they were indoor cats for their first four years) and released them to the pleasures and terrors of the outside world. It’s so much fun watching them taste all of life, including rats, and having exciting explorations and glorious adventures.

“Life is where one goes to temporarily believe in death, fleetingly forget their power, and briefly have the Dickens scared out of them, voluntarily. All in the name of adventure.” (Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe)  Life is a wonderful adventure and it is sometimes very scary, but oh so worth it — especially when we remember our power.

This morning I was reminded of that power. Tom held me in his arms and told me how much he loved having me in his life, how he loved my body and my soul, loved all of who I am and felt lucky to be with me. I took it in, marveling at this miracle in my life – a miracle I intentionally created.

For many years I longed to hear those words from someone, but I didn’t really believe I ever would. I remember when psychic Pamala Oslie told me about Tom years before he appeared in my life, describing him perfectly and saying, “He thinks you’re wonderful. He thinks you’re beautiful.” That was very hard for me to believe, and that was the problem — I needed to believe those things about myself before he could come into my life. I also needed to be willing to step over the threshold into the scary, exciting adventure that is love.

One day I decided that I was ready to take on that great adventure. I proclaimed to myself, “I am willing to do whatever it takes.” I was finally willing to face all the fears that relationship brought up for me, the terror of possible pain and abandonment, the fear of loss. I was willing to heal my heart and open to love. I turned all my energy and focus toward that mission, that great adventure, to love and be loved. I saturated my life with that purpose, I marinated in that goal, and the Universe responded by bringing me everything I needed for that great journey, including Tom!

Now, in present time, lying in Tom’s arms I thought, wouldn’t it be great to create another miracle, a healing miracle? I healed the blockage in my heart…I can heal this blockage in my belly in the same way.

I have stepped over the threshold into this cancer adventure and it is scary, exciting and awakening. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the fullest learning and healing from this experience. I am marinating myself in love, healing energy, vibrant foods and high vibrations; consequently the Universe is flowing to me everything I need in order to heal — inspiring books, topnotch healers, and love and prayers from the beautiful people in my life. In the midst of cancer, I feel a sense of ease, trust and wellbeing — I call that a miracle!

How about you? Is there a threshold beckoning you to step over it? Do you remember the power you possess to create the scary, exciting, enlivening life of your dreams?  I am wishing for you a wonderful adventure!

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen

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Jan 01 2010

Now…Here…This…THIS Is It! – Issue #38

This is it — the end of a decade! This is it – the beginning of a new year! Most importantly, This is it – the eternal now! In the book “Wherever You Go There You Are” Jon Kabat-Zinn suggests that we say the words “This is it” throughout the day, reminding ourselves that right now is IT!

“This Is It” is also the name of Michael Jackson’s farewell tour (and movie), a name which proved to be prophetic for him. I sometimes think that when world-famous figures such as Michael die at a young age, it is a parting gift to us all on a soul level, a wake up call that reminds us that This Is It! Be fully here and alive while you are here and alive! Because you are not going to be here and alive forever!

My experience with cancer this year was a dynamic This Is It reminder — it catapulted me into the here and now, helping me to appreciate and value this moment, cherish this life, and transform my “someday” dreams into “today is the day, now is the time.” I always said that someday I would write — cancer kicked my “someday” into the “now” and I am doing the writing I’ve always wanted to do. Santa Barbara acupuncturist Bernard Unterman told me about a woman with stage 4 lung cancer whose doctors had told her there was no treatment that would help her and that she should check into hospice. She went to him instead. He asked her what brought her joy and she said “Nothing.” Until she remembered that she once enjoyed doing art, but then her life got too busy. In addition to acupuncture, he prescribed that she begin doing art again, which she did. Within 5 weeks she burgeoned into a vibrant, vital woman and her cancer was gone! Growth happens one way or another.

When adversities happen it can seem like life has turned on us, yet they have the potential to turn us ON!  They are invitations to us to make a decision to take a stand, commit to life and live it fully. Kenny Loggins sings passionately about this in his song This Is It. In an interview in American Songwriter magazine November/December 1987 he talks about his inspiration for the song: “I had a fight with my dad when he was going into the hospital because he gave me the feeling that he was ready to check out.” That inspired the lyrics: “You make the choice of how it goes…For once in your life, here’s your miracle. Stand up and fight. This is it!” We make the choice of how it goes – we can choose to be here fully and to live our dream, or not.

When fear dogs are nipping at my heels, worried about dire possibilities, I take a deep breath and say, “This is it. This moment right now is all there is.” I am taking a stand, making the choice to be here, fully embracing this glorious life one moment at a time. Mike Dooley in his Notes from the Universe wrote recently: “When driving down the road of life, rarely do you know how good you have it, until you see it in the rear-view mirror. Which is not to suggest that you should look back now, but to remind you that where you are today is more awesome and amazing than you probably realize.”

This past year I have learned to treasure my life, recognizing the miracle that it is, realizing that our time here is limited, and recommitting to fully live while I am alive. This is not a dress rehearsal — This is it! I’m wishing for all of you a passionate love affair with this eternal now moment and may you all do what brings you the most joyful growth in life.

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen


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