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May 29 2013

A Little Bit of Danger, A Whole Lot of Aliveness – Issue #102

I just received my latest cancer test results. They show that I’m still in the ‘faintly positive’ range. That means I still have a little bit of cancer in me.  A part of me would love to be declared ‘cancer free’ so that I can completely relax about it. But another part of me, my Big Soul Self, LIKES that I still have a little bit of cancer!

It is the kick in the can(cer) that’s keeping me awake, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and motivated to savor this sweet life. Every day I have two small squares of rich, creamy, high quality dark chocolate (sweetened with a healthy sweetener). I let each bite slowly, sensually melt in my mouth and try to make it last as long as I can. I’m savoring my life in that same way: feasting my eyes on Tom’s sweet face, luxuriating in my time with him and loved ones, not taking anyone or anything for granted.

I’ve heard of people who’ve had a near-death experience that ignited in them a more vivid sense of joy and appreciation of life. Yet as time goes by, for many of them, that vivid aliveness begins to fade. Mine is not fading – that little bit of cancer is keeping me wide awake! How perfect is that?!

When I view this as the perfect design of my soul, it helps me relax into it, trusting that higher forces are at work here. That feels so much better than thinking that I’ve screwed up somehow, that I’m doomed, that I’m just unlucky.

My soul is in charge. I’m right where I’m supposed to be. That’s the story I’m telling myself, and I know that the story we tell ourselves has a powerful impact on our bodies and beings. Einstein said: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

That decision affects us on a physical level; when we trust the universe, it helps us relax, which enhances our life AND our immune system. Fearing and distrusting the universe stresses us, and suppresses our immune system. Therefore, relaxing about having cancer can help heal it! And the only way I can relax about cancer is by trusting that it is all perfectly part of the grand plan of my higher self.

In addition, when I perceive my cancer as a soul-generated growth opportunity, I am filled with awe and respect for the courage of my Powerful, Wow-erful Big Soul Self! I ask myself, “Who ARE you!?” I always thought I was the world’s biggest fraidy cat, but I’ve discovered that the soul that I am is a rip-roaring, bad-ass Lionness! One day when I was appreciating the perfection of it all, my Lionness enthusiastically exclaimed to Tom: “I’m so happy to have cancer!” That spontaneous declaration surprised us BOTH!

With this little bit of cancer I have no physical pain, and, to be sure, if I were suffering with pain or chemo and radiation (like I did 3 years ago) I would not be such a happy cancer camper. (I’m not a fan of physical suffering – saint I ain’t!)

But right here, right now, I am alive and thriving. And, no matter how much time I have, I know that, just like with chocolate, it’s the quality that counts, not the quantity.

Are you having challenges in your life? How is it perfect? How is it all part of the grand plan of your courageous, magnificent Big Soul Self?

In Love,

Janet Jacobsen

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Jul 23 2009

Mental Aikido – A Key to a Friendly Universe – Issue #21

Albert Einstein said, “I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the Universe a friendly place?’” One of the reasons that this question is so important is that scientific research has verified that how we perceive the Universe affects our stress level which in turn affects us at a cellular level, greatly impacting our health and quality of life. In other words, believing in an unfriendly Universe can literally damage our cells and make us sick, not to mention miserable.

Most of our beliefs are formed at a very early age and become deeply ingrained. By the time I was 19, I felt trapped in an unfriendly Universe, locked up in the cage of my hardwired beliefs. I began searching for a key that would free me from that cage. One of the things I did was read the book, The Power of Positive Thinking. I found that learning to think more positively did help: however, I also found that there was more to it than that. In fact, when we try to force positive thoughts that we don’t really believe, the critical part of our brain becomes activated and resistant. Our critical mind scoffs, “Nice try Pollyana, but you can’t fool me.”

I eventually learned that the best way to change a belief and shift a feeling is to first come into union with it. In the spirit of Aikido, a Japanese marshal art in which you blend with the energy of the opponent, (Aikido literally means “way of adapting the spirit”), you can be with beliefs and feelings in that same way by aligning with them, listening to them, being present and accepting them as they are. Then – here’s the key to changing it – give it a twist upwards by adding onto it a true and positive suggestion that shifts it to a whole other place. I call this Mental Aikido. To anchor this concept, just imagine…what does A Key Do? It aligns with what is there and then you give it a twist upwards and it opens the door to a whole new state of being.

For example, when I’m sitting at the dentist office in the electric chair – I mean dental chair – I have often felt terrified. I actually twitch and tremble sometimes and have even been known to cry on occasion. I feel like a big weeny. If I tell myself, “Just relax, you’re safe, this will be over soon,” it doesn’t help me. Trying to push away my fear is like trying to push a basketball down in water. It just doesn’t work.

What I’ve learned to do instead is to align with the fear and flow with the energy of it by saying to myself, “This is scary isn’t it? Someone is poking at your gums and teeth with a sharp instrument. I totally understand your feeling scared. It’s okay to feel scared. Let yourself feel it.” Then something amazing happens: I feel seen and heard, and my breath softens and my body starts to relax a bit. That creates an opening where I can give an upward twist by introducing a true and positive suggestion, telling myself, “I think you are courageous for coming here and taking care of your teeth, even though you’re so afraid. You have done a great job finding a caring and highly competent dentist and hygienist who know what they’re doing and are gentle with you. You are taking such good care of yourself. I’m proud of you.” I begin to relax even more, trusting myself, seeing myself as a courageous winner, instead of a wimpy, weepy wiener.

I’ve been using this Mental Aikido over the past several months with my experience of having uterine cancer. My fear of cancer was one of the bogeymen hiding in the shadows of my Universe. I have come face to face with this bogeyman, accepting that it is what is, allowing and fully feeling the feelings that have come up…And then turning the key and opening my mind to a friendly Universe by focusing on the great gifts that are coming from this experience, such as seeing the courage I didn’t know I had, feeling appreciation for the gift of life, and making a commitment to live my dream and do what I feel passionate about. Through the magic of Mental Aikido, the bogeyman that was cancer has been transformed into an ally in my spiritual growth, and my Universe is transformed into a friendly place.

What is your experience of the Universe? Is it a friendly place? Do you have beliefs about your world that are keeping you from feeling safe and happy and living your fullest life? I highly recommend using Mental Aikido as a key to transforming your perception and experience of the Universe. It is a powerful tool that can help us answer Einstein’s question in the affirmative: “Yes, the Universe IS a friendly place.”

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen

P.S.  I gave this newsletter as a speech this morning at Toastmasters. Click here to see the video.

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Jul 09 2009

M.I.R.A.C.L.E. – Issue #19

My brother Norm has been living with a brain aneurysm for years – and I mean LIVING! Nine years ago he was wracked with an excruciating headache. The doctors discovered that it was from a leaking aneurysm, and rushed him into surgery. After a 7-hour brain surgery, they determined that his aneurysm was inoperable. When he realized that he could die any day, he chose to LIVE every day – he followed his bliss, buying a sailboat and sailing to the Caribbean where he is having wonderful adventures in paradise. He stopped thinking about the aneurysm and lived as if it was gone. A few weeks ago he had an MRI, which showed that the aneurysm has completely calcified and there is no longer a threat of it rupturing! He considers this a personal miracle.

What I see is that he had a powerful intention to live as if he were whole and healed. The seed of intention that is well tended and nourished can flower into coincidences, synchronicities and miracles that heal the body, boggle the mind, and lift the spirit. I’ve created an acronym for the word miracle:

            My Intention Radiates Apparently Coincidental Luminous Events

When these “coincidental” luminous events happen to me and the people in my life, it reminds me that there’s more going on than meets the eye, there is an unseen energy that responds to our deepest and most focused desires. Einstein said, “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.” For me, they are God’s way of saying, “You are not alone.”

Prayer is another form of intention that reveals our interconnectedness with the powerful forces of the Universe. In my early twenties I was feeling deeply depressed and asked for a sign from God that life was worth living. Just then there was a sound of movement in the room. I looked in the direction of the sound and saw that a tall, thin candle in a wrought iron candle holder on the wall had fallen to one side, pointing to the calligraphed poster next to it that read: GET THY SHIT TOGETHER. I smiled to myself and thought, “Is that you God?” The next day as I was writing about it in my journal it happened again! It excited me and made me want to stick around, to live, play and explore in this magical energy field of life.

Another time, several years ago, I was having another “dark night of the soul”, feeling deep despair and praying for guidance. As I was crying and journaling about it, a card that was displayed on the bookshelf beside me fell to the floor. I picked it up and it had a beautiful flower on the cover with the words, “You are so loved.”

I love how, when we’re open to it, just the right words, experiences, and people that we need fall into our life. It is a wonderful synchronicity that my brother has recently shared his healing miracle with me; it inspires me to let go of thoughts of cancer (knowing that I have made all the healthy life changes I could) and continue to focus on seeing myself whole, healed, and connected to the miraculous forces of the Universe. That’s the image and feeling I want to cultivate, nourish and nurture – That’s the intention I want to radiate out into the Universe.

I believe that the deepest intention of our soul is to be vibrantly present, whole and alive. I have experienced that seeming adversities such as aneurysms, depression and cancer can be valuable and necessary stimulants in bringing about that intention, resulting in the miracle of our full participation and appreciation of life and living our wildest dreams.

Do you have an intention that is bringing forth miracles in your life? Is there adversity in your life that is serving as “miracle grow” to help you flower into more vibrant aliveness and living your dream?

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen

P.S. - Speaking of miracles – Several weeks ago, my cat Zeena was given a 15% chance of survival by the vet who examined her, saying her jaundice and liver failure was too far advanced. I am thrilled to report that Zeena is alive and licking! No longer yellow, she is in the “pink”, and is purring beside me as I write this. Through the miracle of prayers, (yours and mine), lots of love and affection, and hand feeding her (having her lick Fancy Feast off my fingers), she made it! Thank you for all your loving thoughts and good wishes.



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