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Oct 26 2010

Boo! Boo Hoo, Boo Boo – ONE with Everything – Issue #62

Right now I don’t know what the state of my cancer is, and I don’t want to know. Not knowing helps keep me focused on hope and healing. For the most part I feel fine, I am going about my life, doing my alternative treatments and thinking that maybe I’m going to be okay. I’ve taken up residence in the miracle prone zone, visualizing health and wholeness. There’s a bumper sticker that says, “Expect miracles.” I am expecting a miracle – that is, most of me is…then there’s the rest of me.

That’s the thing about not knowing for sure. There are times when I think I might be whistling in the dark, fooling myself, and I wonder if I’m living in a miracle or a mirage? Sometimes I’ll be going along doing just fine, then something happens that triggers a flood of fear and sadness as the awareness hits me, “I have cancer.”

I recently went to Pizza Guru (One with Everything) and had an unexpected melt down. I was happy to find a pizza place that used whole wheat crust. I’ve been staying away from white foods like bread, rice and pasta because when eaten they quickly turn into sugar, which feeds cancer. But when I arrived to pick up my pizza, I realized I’d forgotten to specify whole wheat crust and my pizza had white crust. I told the girl, “I can’t eat white,” and suddenly tears started rolling down my face. The poor girl thought I was crying about white crust, when actually I was struck with the deep sadness that I may have a terminal illness.

As they were making me a new pizza with whole wheat crust, I sat in the sanctuary of my car and let the dam burst — I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. It felt so good to let it out, like releasing emotional gas that had built up. As always, clarity, peace and calm followed and I became One with everything. Like Seth says, “Any feeling fully felt and experienced always leads you back to love.”

I recently joined a women’s empowerment group, which is a way to state my intention to the universe that I want to be here, on this planet, in this earthsuit known as Janet, to continue learning, growing, healing and helping. At first I held back sharing my circumstances with them, afraid that once I named it I’d be swept away in a river of tears. When I told them, sure enough the floods came, but passed through quickly, and once again I came to a place of calm strength.

Some people say you need to be 100% positive in order to manifest the positive results you want. They say don’t even think about cancer, don’t envision it, don’t give it energy. I can understand that reasoning, I know that what we focus on grows. But, at the same time, what we resist persists, and completely ignoring it turns it into the boogey man. Trying to wall it off and will it away is like pushing down a Jack-in-the-Box that will eventually POP UP with a big bad BOO! Or a big sad BOO HOO!

There are others, like Abraham Hicks and Bartholomew, who say that all you need is to be 51% positive, and that shifts the balance into an optimistic view and outcome. I can do that — I can do 51%. I’m learning that I can also welcome whatever feelings want to pop up, stop in, and pass through, even the BIG boo’s and boo-hoos. I trust that the fears and tears I thought might drown me DO move through easily when I allow them free passage, without resistance and story, bringing me to an empowered place of wholeness.

With Halloween approaching, it’s the perfect time for embracing our shadows, to bring them into the light and play with them. It’s a great time to dress up as our worst fears, our disowned parts, including our brilliance. Maybe I’ll dress up as a ravenous tumor, or the Grim Reaper, or the Queen of Denial, or…as a Pizza, One with Everything.

Do you have feelings you fear will engulf you if you let them out? I encourage you to invite them to the party, welcome your worst fears and highest aspirations and announce yourself as, “Party of ONE!”

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen

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May 21 2009

Gardening the Energy Field of Love #13

What if you thought that you might only have a short time to live? What would you be doing with your life? Where would your focus be?  Ever since my cancer diagnosis, I’ve been asking myself these questions. I saw my doctor a few weeks ago for a post hysterectomy check up and he told me that because there was a medium risk for my uterine cancer to recur somewhere else in my body, he recommended doing both chemo and radiation.

I am choosing to do neither of them. It doesn’t make sense to me at this time to do something so debilitating to my immune system when we don’t even know if there is any cancer left. What I am choosing to do instead is to continue with my strict diet, AND…to radiate myself on a daily basis with the healing energy of love! My soul lights up at the thought, saying, “Yes!” Cultivating the energy of love in my life is the work I have been doing for years. It is what laid the groundwork for a wonderful, incredibly loving man to show up who matched that vibration (that would be my husband, the wondrous Tom). It is a law: if you build the energy of love, love will come. Now I have the motivation to turn up the volume on that.

Love has healing power. I’m not referring to romantic love; it is more powerful and permanent than that. Love is a state of connectedness, wholeness, union, and harmony with all that is.  In the book “Healing with Love”, Dr. Leonard Laskow writes, “Love stimulates healing by relating us to the natural order and harmony inherent in our cells, in our selves, and in universal consciousness. Healing through love is a process of becoming whole.”

Even though I feel a strong intention to focus throughout my day on love, I know that inspiration wanes and, like weeds, fears can take over; I tend to be a worrier. Fortunately, I am also a warrior. My spiritual warrior is very practical and has prompted me to implement daily practices that help plant me securely in the energy field of love. I want to share with you some of these practices.

1. LOVING SELF-TALK. I come into union with myself by loving my feelings as if they are my children, treating them like a mother would treat a beloved child. I bring loving attention to them, call them “honey” and “sweetheart”, talk to them in an accepting way, and allow them to express themselves. Once our feelings are fully seen, allowed and experienced, we expand into our full flowing aliveness.

2. THE WORD ‘LOVE’.  I lace my day with the word ‘love’. Just saying or writing the word ‘love’ effects our cells. In Masaru Emoto’s book, The Hidden Messages in Water, he tells about how the effect of words on water molecules revealed that positive words like ‘love’ created harmonious patterns in water molecules, and negative words created disharmonious patterns. Since we are largely made up of water, it makes sense that the words we say to ourselves and each other have a powerful effect on us.

3. VISUAL REMINDERS OF LOVE.  I put a picture of myself as a child where I can see it everyday. I look into that child’s eyes, I see her beautiful soul, and say, “Hello sweet girl. I love you.” My teenage niece told me recently that she had been making some decisions that were emotionally hurtful to herself. Then she saw a picture of herself as a little girl and she realized, “I’m hurting that little girl.” That helped her to feel compassion for herself and make more loving decisions.

4. ACTIVATE YOUR HEART CHAKRA.  HeartMath Institute has created a simple 3-step formula that stimulates the energy of love in your body: First, focus on your heart. Next, breathe through your heart. Finally, generate the feeling of love in your heart by imagining someone or something you love; or imagine bathing your heart in warm pink light, the color of the heart chakra. I have an Emwave device from HeartMath that gives bio-feedback and helps me know when I am in that state (the light turns green when I’m in ‘love’, and red when I am not).

5. NATURE LOVER. I take daily love-generating walks communing and harmonizing with nature. On a recent walk I was inspired to write this poem, celebrating our ‘love affair’:


The sun warmly kisses my face.

The ground holds me in earthy embrace.

The wind playfully tussles my hair.

The gift of flowers scents the air.

My lover gives me lots of space.

And let’s me move at my own pace.

Though some would say there’s no one there,

I deeply feel this love affair.

Abraham Lincoln said, “It’s not the years in our life that counts, it’s the life in our years.” Ultimately, it’s the love in our moments that truly counts. I think that is what we take with us when we die, how much we have opened our heart, our cells, and our being to love. Even if I were to die a year from now, if I am filled with love, I will have accomplished a huge thing, I would have done what my soul came to do. It’s all about love!

If you thought you might have a short time to live, what would you be focusing on? What generates the energy of love in you?

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen

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