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Our shadows, like the Glenn Close character in Fatal Attraction, will NOT be ignored! Harmony prevails when we welcome every part of us.
I'm tail waggin' happy when I'm walking my God in nature: COME (into the Now), STAY (present), HEAL (align with spirit)
This life just keeps getting better and better! So it is and so I let it be.
I have decided to feel lovable, loved, and loving, and So It Is.
When I focus on how blessed I am instead of how stressed I am, my stress dissolves and my blessings increase.
May you be filled with GREATITUDE, appreciating how great life is, and how GREAT you are!
My mind creates my joy And my misery, my peace And my suffering, my heaven And my hell.
Resentment looks for, and therefore finds, things to be resentful about. Gratitude looks for, and therefore finds, things to be grateful for.
Our bodies are miraculous! Our beliefs are powerful! Believe in vibrant optimal good health and our bodies will oblige.
Resting in the light, Nestling in the love, Trusting I'm all right, Blessings from above.
We are all infinitely powerful artists, our perceptions color our entire world! What color is your world today?
Ever notice that 'fatigue' has the word 'fat' in it? Makes sense since weight gain creates fatigue and fatigue creates weight gain.          g
When I'm stuck in conflict with someone, I become unstuck when I ask myself: "What part of me is requiring that part of them."
A victim mindset powerfully magnetizes to itself things to feel victimized about.

BEWARE of the terrible power of pain to distort reality and make it seem that this pain is all there is. BE AWARE of the Higher voice within urging you to remember; You are loved. You are valuable. You are needed.

Smiling - Sparks My Inner Love Energy
Trusting that it will all work out is faithing your fears.
Increase the velocity of your Fabulousity - Let your light shine in all its Brilliance!
Funky food creates a funky mood. A funky mood creaves funky food. When I shift my 'tude I eat better food. When I eat better food I'm in a better mood.
Since what we focus on grows, let's focus on LOVE!
Life is like an elevator that goes up and down, and every floor has a different view: the bottom floor has a limited ego's eye view, the top floor has an expansive eagle's eye view. Meet you at the top!
Playfulness is next to Godliness, so PLAY! for God's sake.
May love come TO you, THROUGH you, and FROM you.
When I'm feeling scared, I tell myself, "Life is but a dream, don't take it so seriously." As Einstein said: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
When our life is rich with laughter we are laffluent.
My life is my movie, projecting what's inside outside. When I remember this, I ask myself, "What is my movie showing me about me today?"
Out beyond the Drama Triangle of victim, villain, and hero, there is a field of UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES. I'll meet you there.
Dpamine, the neurotransmitter most responsible for addiciton, is triggered by things that arounse us, like food, sex, AND negative emotional drama. It makes us crave and recreate them over and over again. That explains why many people hang on to their misery, their sad stories, and resentment.
Passionate intention is a giant wave of energy that carries us to another shore. Surf's up!
People who are a pain are usually IN pain. Strong boundaries And empathy are healing for all involved.
Pack up all your old worries and stories and send them to Goodwill.
When we align with the Present Moment we enter a field of unlimited possibilities. The Present is the gift that keeps on giving.
Choose your thoughts well...Thoughts create feelings of well=being OR being stuck IN a well.
When I'm defensive my mind rehashes it's case repeatedly in an endless tap loop until I begin to feel kinda loopy!
In life, as in water, tense and you sink, relax and you float.
Deep slow full breaths are a portal to the PEACEFUL PRESENT.
(Sing to the tune of "It Ain't Gonna Rain No More" - I'm all right right now, right now. I'm all right right now. No way in heck can I be a wreck knowing I'm all right right now.
Deep feeling + Deep facing + Deep ownership + Deep compassion = Deep Healing
Being able to witness and nonjudgmentally report on our ego defenses, and then shift, is BIG SOUL WORK!
Today I will focus on the Yeses and when the Yes Buts butt in I'll tell them to Butt out.
When I remember that we're all connected, 'me versus you' becomes 'me as you'.

My mind don’t reign no more no more, my mind don’t reign no more. My heart’s in charge and my spirit’s large. My mind don’t reign no more.

My ego says, "let's go go go!" My spirit says, "Just let go." My ego says 'Let's do do do!" My spirit says, "Just do you."
You put the YOU in fabYOUlous!
I am not a victim of circumstance - I am a creator of circumstances, creating with my conscious AND unconscious intentions.
Steep yourself in positive possibili-teas.
A blessing from my cat: May you always land on your feet, or, in a warm lap.
"My how you've changed since I've changed." I had that quote on my wall for years, reminding myself that life is reflecting me and when I change, my life changes.t
Marinate in your Magnificence! Frolic in your Fabulosity! Revel in your Radiance! And the world will respond in kind.
When I get caught on a run away train of thought, I breathe deep and count to ten and very soon I'm home again.
Fully BE with everything you DO.
Resistance keeps us stuck in the Moan and Groan Zone. Surrender delivers us to the Miracle-Prone Zone.
Note to self: there's nothing you have to do. There's nowhere you have to be. Just breathe, and be present, and let the magic happen.
When I marinate in the energy of Gratitude, life becomes quite tasty!
If it's in my life, then it's in me. The people in our lives that push our buttons and rouse our judgments are mirroring back to us our disowned parts. How nice of them! The goal is wholeness: loving and accepting all our parts is what makes us whole.
Wherever we wallow more of that will follow, so...why not wallow in wonderfulness!
When I believe in a friendly universe, my universe becomes more friendly.
Sometimes I give myself hell. Sometimes I give myself heaven. I prefer heaven.
My cat imagines danger everywhere and startles easily. As I calmly reassure him, "You are safe", I realize that my own inner scaredy cat is receiving that comforting message as well: "You are safe."
We humans are creative beings, creating all the time. When we're following our dreams and creating what we love, we won't be creating what we don't love.
We may think we're insignificant but the truth is we're MAGNIFICENT! Feel it, see it, own it!
When we're stuck in drama, play and laughter are powerful solvents that dissolve the stuckness and help transform our drama into a comedy.
I've found that immersing myself in positive possibilities increases my posititive possibilities.
The origin of the word 'enthusiasm' is 'entheos', meaning "the god within". Enthusiasm is next to godliness!
The minute we recognize that our ego is driving the bus, awareness has taken the wheel and ego takes a back seat.
Complaining is draining, while Appreciating is INVIGORATING!
Life is magical...Hocus Pocus, wherever I focus, Alakazam, that's what I am!
We can learn from cats - a cat doesn't scold or crittercize itself and try to perfect. A cat is a cat is a cat and that's that!

There's always an UP in any UPheaval - Moving UP, Stepping UP, Lightening Up - So when upheaval shows up in your life, look for the UP.

When tragedy strikes, at first we reel, "No, this can't be!" Then we feel, "I'm mad, I'm sad." Then we get real, "It happened and I can't change it." Then, eventually, at long last, we heal, receiving the blessings that tragedies reveal.
When things seem hopeless, imagine it working out even better than you can imagine. See it, feel it, believe it.
What I think are enemies are really just the many me's, projected out identities for me to see and love. Some will shout obscenities, some without amenities, all seem to be them, not me, yet all are mine to love.
The present moment is a portal to peace and unlimited possibilities.
What state do you live in? I used to live in a state of Anxiety, but I'm moving to a state of Trust - much better scenery!
Since what we judge in others is what we deny in ourselves, then all judgment is self-judgment.
Right now I'm all right and right now is all there is.
I appreciate my fear - it's a weight that I lift to help me strengthen my faith muscles. Without fear I'd probably have flabby faith muscles.
Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I've decided to just kick up my heels and and DANCE!
When I'm in a pickle, I pickle myself in positive possibilities, which soon produce the peace I relish.
May you be happy. May you be free of hurt and resentment. May you feel lovable, loved, and loving. I say this prayer whenever I think of someone I'm at odds with. I realize I'm saying it to myself as well.
When we feel like we're invalid, we become an emotional invalid. We validate our worth when we own our magnificence.
Simple prayer to my Higher Self - Come to me. Renew me. Express yourself through me.
Themes to me our life themes keep repeating themselves over and over until we recognize them and change them.
What I see is what I be and knowing that will set me free!
Some people tell mee, "You're a piece of work." I assume they mean a piece of artwork so I smile and say, "Thank you for noticing."
Resentment is a dark forest we can get lost in. Forgiveness is a bright open field with unlimited possibilities.
When we're unconsciously acting out old programming, we're in a kind of trance. Recognizing our trance and revealing it is called trance-parency.
The universe is malleable like clay, shaped by our worst fears and greatest expectations.
Radical ownership is when I see that life is but a mirror reflecting me back to me.
When we're at odds with someone, it's freeing to remember that it isn't personal - it's just our preprogrammed ego defenses butting up against their preprogrammed ego defenses, doing what ego defenses do.
It is my choice to be a bitter person or a better person - to dwell in the hell of The Heartbreak Hotel or dwell in love.
Growth opportunities are the prize in life's Cracker Jack box of challenges.
I enlightened up when it finally dawned on me that I was the Common Denominator in all that kept showing up in my life.
I feel relieved and empowered when I remember that I'm making it all up. What shall I make up today?
The act of letting go, with arms and palms open, is the same act as receiving. Let go and be open to receive!
When I focus on my blessings they multiply like bunnies and I feel hoppy!
Facing death is very enlivening, and so is facing life.
Confidence makes you beautiful! Conjure up your most confident self, then look in the mirror.'re gorgeous!
Acceptance isn't giving up - it's letting go of struggle and aligning with Trust and Faith.
When an old emotional pain is restimulated it's like a sliver working its way to the surface to be healed and released.
Strengthening the energy of Loving Presence builds a mighty muscle that carries us through tough times.
Take deep full breaths whenever you're suffering because emotional pain thrives in shallow breath.
When I savor life, life becomes savory.
The same way that a grain of san in an oyster stimulates a pearl to grow, adversity stimulates our pearl-sonal growth.
When you have fear contractions and want tocurl up into the fetal position, remember that contractions lead to birth. Just like in childbirth, breathe into the fear contractions, feel them fully, and be open to giving birth to a new life.
My thoughts create heaven or hell, depending on where I choose to dwell, and what story I choose to tell - poor me victim, or all is well.
It's sad when someone dies young. But they leave us with a lovely parting gift - a wake-up call to live life fully while we are alive.
My thoughts create heaven or hell, depending on where I choose to dwell, and what story I choose to tell, poor me victim or all is well.
Breathe in deeply. Breathe out slowly. There, feel better?
A deep 'see' diver delves into life's depths fully experiencing waves of emotion and heartfelt devotions to a vast deep ocean of learning.
When I'm feeling hurt and broken and nothing's going right, I see myself as broken open letting in a lot of light.
Eating is something we do several times a day, therefore, it's a great way to implant love in our day. Every time you eat something, love and bless the food, "Thank you for tasting so good. Thank you for nourishing me." 'Chews' love!
the ego hangs on to being right and feeling wronged with the tenacity of a pit bull! Our Big Soul Self harnesses that dogged determination and redirects it toward LETTING TO, CHOOSING PEACE, and being TAIL-WAGGIN' FREE!
If you can laugh at something, you can be free of it.
Let go! Leap! Open your heart like a parachute and trust that you will land safely in love! GERONIMO!
My life is my movie: I'm the screenwriter, the director, and the star. It can be a drama, a comedy, a tragedy, or a love story It's my movie - I choose.
When you're having a conflict with someone, imagine saying to each other: "I'm sorry. it isn't personal. It's my hardwired ego defenses. You know I love you. I know you love me. Peace.
The words 'no evil' backwards is 'live on'. So, make like the 3 wise monkeys: SEE - HEAR - SPEAK - Live On!
The sun kisses my face. My feet kiss the earth. My daily gratitude walk is a real smoochfest!
Einstein said: "You are only limited by what you cannot imagine." Therefore...imagine imagining the unimaginable!
In Buddhism, these polarities are called the 8 Worldly Concerns: pleasure and pain, gain and loss, fame and disgrace, praise and blame. Attachment to one and resistance to the other is what keeps us stuck in suffering.
Can't stress this enough: stress suppresses the immune system! What enhances it? Laughter, play, dancing, doing what you love, faith, happiness, and all things fun and loving.
I sometimes enjoy a fine whine but only when the whine is mine.
My ego sees adversity as a thorn in my side. My soul sees it as a perfect probe to spur growth and learning.
A little grit and a little grace hleps me find a peaceful place. And when I add a little grin I start to feel the joy within.
When I'm stuck in conflict with someone, my mind can be like a dog chewing on a bone of contention. So I give my mind something else to chew on, like: "Nobody's perfect." "I know they love me." "It isn't personal."
Canoodle with OPTIMISM! Cuddle with POSSIBILITY!
I tend to worry, AND I have great trust and faith. I can feel like a victim, AND I know I create my reality. I feel separate and alone, AND I know we are all connected. I'm not perfect, AND I know that I'm valuable.
Chocolate is my teacher - I'm learning to slowly savor life the way I savor chocolate.
When feeling prickly, play iwht it, exaggerate it, be outrageous, be a porcupine. When you crack yourself up, you crack yourself open to learning and healing.
I love that the word abundance has DANCE in it! Let's do a bun dance - shake your booty & increase your bounty!
I'm a work in progress...I'm working & I'm progressing one step at a time.
Don't hide your light under a basket, or a basket case you'll be. let yourself shine and be fantastic. Shine your light brilliantly!
Whatever you choose to call it, higher self, angels, guides, God - there is a higher energy that travels with us through life. We are carrying precious cargo and, ore important, we ARE precious cargo.
This one in me who stews and spews and blows her fuse and tightens the screws and hangs onto her victim views, she is bad nes, because I lose. So I choose to heal these blues, and heal this bruise and then put on my dancing shoes!
When trapped in a cage of hardwired beliefs, the light of awareness will set you free.
Life is good and life is good to  me. So it is and so I let it be.
I'm a Package Deal complete with gifts AND challenges. I'm grateful to those who have accepted the deal (especially myself)!
Buddhists talk about 'the pain of pain'. The initial pain is unavoidable but the reaction to that pain, the fear, anger, and resistance, is self-inflicted and causes the greatest suffering.
It's a privilege to be alive. I used to have one foot out the door, but now both feet are happily dancing in this great adventure called life!
When I stew in resentment, life sucks. When I marinate in gratitude, life is succulent!
When I focus on my blessings they multiply like beautiful bountiful bunnies!
Easy Breathey.
When your confidence is shrinking and you're not sue who you are and you're stuck in sticking thinking, just remember YOU'RE A STAR, you're a beautiful shining star!
I hang out regularly with some major luminaries: my higher self, my angels, my muse, and my guides. We commune daily and simply adore each other?
Fear dogged my life, barking at the slightest provocation. Now I put that puppy on my lap and say, "I hear you. I got you, you're safe now." and fear relaxes into a peaceful lap dog.
I'm intent on facing all my feelings and making friends with them. That way, I am embracing rather than bracing against them.
It all begins with intention - the Cosmic Waitress awaits our order.
I like the saying: If you spot it, you got it. But it seems more accurate to say: If you spot it and judge it, you got it.
When I dwell on blame and shame, I'm living in a world of pain. But when I dwell on things I treasure, life is filled with joy and pleasure.
When we give verbal bouquets of APPRECIATION we too receive that energy. "A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives flowers."
The one within who observes with judgment is my CRITIC. The one who observes with love is my COMPASSIONATE WITNESS.
My ego is a real swinger, swinging between "They love me...they hate me. I did it right...I did it wrong. I am the best...I am the worst.
You are the author of your life. Write on!
As an introvert I often felt like an odd duck, but when I discovered the beauty and power of introversion, it was like the Ugly Duckling finding out it was really a swan.
I want to be higher vigilant instead of hyper vigilant - to see life from the higher perspective of my soul, where I remember that I am an eternal being and everything is happening to wake me up.
Resentment is like really SUCKS!
Our life force has a dimmer switch and we control that switch: brighter or dimmer, Big Me or pigmy, we shine as much as we wish!
Life is a wonderful adventure!
Intention is powerful stuff- it can move mountains and rewire hardwired neural pathways!
My beliefs define me and confine me but examining my beliefs helps realign me with UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES!
What do you deeply desire? Feel it, see it, and imagine it as if it's already so and soon it will be.
unwrap your brilliant presence and Be Here WOW!
"Namaste" means the beautiful spirit in me sees and honors the beautiful spirit in you. "Compassion: means the flawed human in me sees and honors the flawed human in you.
I've become a pretty good surfer...of my emotions! When sufr's up I hang on, hang in, hang ten and ride those wild waves to a peaceful end.
CHOICES: Fight or flight or feel it fully.
put your Big Soul dream on your Big Soul lap and cuddle, coax, and encourage it into a Big Soul reality!
When I'm able to say, "I am willing to do whatever it takes", I'm on the precipice of transformation!
I have an internal drama-monger that hungers for juicy bones of contention to chew on. I'm wise to her now, and when she shows up I just don't feed her and soon she goes away.
Someone once called my positive beliefs "happy horseshit). I smiled and said, "Great! The perfect substance to help me grow!"
The "Y" in "Yes" looks like someone with arms outstretched open to receive. Say YES!
It seems like we are one solid self but we are actually a kaleidoscope of selves - throughout the day witness with wonder the many hues of the many you's playing through!
When I remember we're all connected, it's a ONE-derful world!
Our beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves. What story shall I tell myself today?
"We as human beings have this amazing capacity to be reborn at breakfast every day and say: this is a new day...who will I be?" -Jack Kornfield
"I am another you" is a Mayan greeting. As John Lennon sang, "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. Goo goo g'jobb."
My inner critic jeers, "Who do you think you are!" My Higher Self cheers, "Who do you KNOW you are!"
Heavenly Healthy Chocolate Fudge recipe: 1 T raw cacao, 1 T coconut oil, 1 T nut butter, 1 T chopped walnuts. Form into a patty and freeze for 15 minutes. Serves one.
When I'm rushing about on the hamster wheel of life, time becomes infernal. But when I stop spinning and fully embody this moment, time becomes eternal.
That person you attracted into your life may not be your soul mate, but they can be a heal-your-soul mate, someone who helps you love, learn, and heal.
To encourage a friend I told him, "You're a Big Ass Soul!" He replied, "Why are you calling me a big asshole?" I must learn to enunciate better!
While talking to my hubby about all the many me's, the meany, moody, messy me's, I playfully asked him, "Do you love all of me's?" he smiled and said, "One of me's does."
When I'm negative I'm a shit magnet. When I'm positive I'm a blessings magnet. It's as simple as that.
LET IT GO...When you release the PAST, the PRESENT is a blast, and the FUTUTE is a vast field of POSSIBILITIES!
Revenge is sweet and I have a sweet tooth...but forgiveness is sweeter and there's no bitter aftertaste.
I love them all, I love them all, all the many me's. The meany, moody, messy mes, all the me's I see. There like my little children and I put them on my knees. I love the all, I love them all the many many me's. I used to think these many me's were my enemies. I wished I could get rid of them then perfect I would be. But now I really love them all, I loved them happily. And loving every part of me has set me free.
I am full of felines: scaredy cat, cat-astrophizer, sour puss, and, on a good day, I am one Pawsitively lionhearted COOL CAT!
Let's get emotionally nakes! Let's bar all! I'll show you mind and you show me yours and together we'll DANCE in the unfettered freedom of nothing to hide!
Words are powerful! A magic wand of words works wonders in our world, producing you-phoria or you-suckia: the wand awaits our command.
The holidays can trigger sadness (Hollow Days) or frenzy (Holidaze) or anger (Holler Days). Since the origin of holi is holy, and the origin of holy is whole, I'm wishing for us all HAPPY WHOLE-DAYS! May we nourish our whole self, body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
One Thanksgiving my hubby was away and I made myself 'stew' when he didn't call all day! I thought, "What a turkey!" and I simmered and stewed. "How could he forget me? That's so very rude!" I wallowed in my stew, complete with chopped liver, til I finally realized...I could be a thanks giver! So instead of stewing I chose gratitude - I focused on my blessings and shifted my mood! A true Thanksgiving miracle!
When I visit my family at my childhood home, I refere to it as the "Button Factory" because that's where all my buttons were installed!
When emotionally triggered, Use the Power of WOW: Witness (your feeling), Own (see how it's yours), Wonder (open to learning).
I remind myself, "Be HERE now," NOT in the feared, imagined future. But trying to bring my mind back to the present moment once fear thoughts have taken over is like herding cats. HERE kitty kitty.
Complaining is draining.When I'm upset I sometimes get my panties in a bunch. But eventually I take a deep breath and put on my Big Soul Panties and deal with it.People who are stuck in a victim mentality spin round & round in 'ain't it awful' stories like a dog chasing its tale of woe.
I watch my cats twist and turn and stretch themselves like taffy into the most amazing and unlikely positions. They are visual reminders to me to be more flexible in body and mind.
Being present with fear, welcoming it, being curious about it, learning from it, becoming one with it, helps transform scared energy into Sacred Energy.
I am counting my many blessings. I am Here and Now. I am happy to be alive. There's always someone who is worse off than me. I am filled with compassion for them AND gratitude that I'm not them. It's all relative.
My fears provide resistance training that helps me build my faith muscles.
Note to Self: UNCLENCH! As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All Life is an experiment."I've heard that death is like taking off a tight shoe. I feel that same release whenever I stop digging in my heels and DANCE with what life brings me.

Your being is a blessing whatever that being be - You Are Enough!

When relationships get stuck in conflict, LAUGHTER can transform a battleground into a playground, a stalemate into a playmate.

Is there some shaking and quaking in your life right now? You may be about to have a major breakthrough! Chuck Yeager said, "Just before you break through the sound barrier, the cockpit shakes the most."


Be like the lilies of the field...CHILLAX!

Thehell of worry and sicord may be all part of the divine plan compelling us to seek the heaven of peace and union.

Growing up I didn't know how to express anger so it came out in a cutting sense of humor and I became a Serial Kidder.

I was given low odds of success but I'm an odd person so that increased my odds.

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