I was stressed up so I messed up. Then i 'fessed up and was blessed up.
I am creating and shaping the colorful play doh of my life with my feelings, beliefs, desires, expectations & actions. What shall I create today?
I enjoy going on Cosmic Re-parenting walks, where I let myself feel held & nurtured by Mother Earth and inspired and guided by Father Sky.
The portal to a Friendly Universe is thru our perceptions. The portal to an Unfriendly Universe is thru our perceptions. The good news is we get to choose which portal we use.

When I find myself stuck in "Poor little me" thoughts, feeling unloved and unlovable, I sometimes sing The Worm Song: "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I guess I'll go eat worms. Long thin slimy ones, short fat juicy ones, itsy bitsy, squirmy little worms." Before I know it I have transformed a can of worms into laughter!
I dream about being free of judgments, and having love in my heart for everyone, but alas...Saint I Ain't. Just when I think I have all my wacky, quacky ducks in a row and feel pretty darn good spiritually, the Universe sends me someone who pushes my buttons and I am again challenged to love their (and my) imperfect, warts-and-all self.
Nature is my lover: The sun warmly kisses my face. The ground holds me in earthy embrace. The wind playfully tussles my hair. The gift of flowers scents the air. My lover gives me lots of space, and lets me move at my own pace. Faithful, nature's always there. Oh how I love this love affair!
Voltaire said, "God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh." The world can be an intense place, & it's easy to get seriously caught up in the drama of our lives. But maybe it's really a comedy after all. LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!
Fear is a great motivator; it is designed to be compelling so that we take survival action in the form of fight, flight or freeze...OR, take 'THRIVAL' action by facing the fear, feeling it fully, learning from it, and, therefore, freeing up all that energy for creativity and fun!
To become whole, Love Every Part of You.
It's funny how our issues follow us like tissues stuck to our sole, stuck to our soul.When I notice that I'm hurtline forward, ahead of myself, I say, "Get Over yourself." I straighten my posture, head lined up Over my feet, grounded and PRESENT

Trying to rise above my feelings just positions me better for them to bite me in the butt!

When feeling distressed, talk sweetly to yourself. As you do, two things will happen: your distressed self will receive much needed love, AND your compassionate self will expand and prevail.

Ultimate freedom is being able to chill with any ill, flow with any blow, and bend with what life sends.

Though some of our relationships may not last forever, the learning we get from them will.

Are you starved for time? Or are you at a banquet, fully taking, savoring, and relishing each moment, having the time of your life?

When fear thoughts drag me into the future, I take a deep breath and nestle back into the Present, safe and sound.

Daily Reflections: Life is a mirror.

When I shut up my emotions it shuts down my aliveness and shuts out other people. So, I open up the shutters and let it all hang out!

Rumi said, "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field, I'll meet you there." Healthy relationships are a FieldTrip to that blameless place of deep learning and infinite possibilities.

My mind can be like a manic hamster on a wheel, going round and round, spinning yars, worries and what ifs, adnauseum. It is so dizzying that I need a drama-mine pill, a reality pill to remind me that this drama is Mine, and what traps me in it is the spin I am putting on things, the stories I am constantly recycling.

Our thoughts create a cellular response in our bodies. When hypnotized, our body cn raise a blister if we're touched by an ice cube and told that it's a hot coal. Deepak Chopra said, "Our cells are constantly eavesdropping on our thoughts and being changed by them."

Einstein said, "Coincidences are Gods way of remaining anonymous." I believe they are God's way of saying, "You are not alone."

When I tell myself, "It's okay to feel scared, let yourself feel it," the feeling instantly loosens its grip and I begin to relax.

The glue that binds our painful patterns together is soluble in awareness, which is much like water; "Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water, yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it." -)Lao Tzu). Awareness is very potent stuff!

Trying to get my ducks in a row only quacks them up, so I've decided to let my ducks run amuck and just have fun!

The good news about being sensitive is you sense everything. The bad news is you sense EVERYTHING!

Deep abdominal breaths boost the immune system, activate the lymphatic system, trigger the relaxation response and energize and enliven us. A Elizabeth Barrett Browning said, He lives most life whoever breathes most air."

Life's deep doo doo is rich compost forour growth - it's a fertile time or it's a shitty time; same substance, different attitude.

I free myself from conflict when I look inwards and wonder, "What might this have to do with MOI (My Own Issues)?"

"Hurt people hurt people." It's true, when someone hurts you, consider the source and and consider the sores.

To do the thing that excites you and makes you jump out of bed in the morning is what the Japanese call your 'ikigai'. One of my ikigais is my anything BUT icky guy, my husband Tom. Our relationship is a great treasure in my life - it's something to jump out of bed in the morning for, or, as the case may be, jump back into bed!

Abraham Lincoln said, "It's not the years in our life that counts, it's the life in our years." Ultimately, it's the love in our moments that truly counts. I believe that is what we take with us when die, how much we have opened our heart, our cells, andour being to love.

Relationship can be a mine field, but when I own what is MINE (seeing MY part in things) I MINE GOLD!

When your goal is to learn and grow, then every experience is perfect.

Life is a mirror reflecting us back to us. Awareness of that produces life-transforming MIRROR-CLES!

I am learning to live in a magical, continually growing garden of appreciation. The more I appreciate myself, my life, and the people in my life, the more bloomin' happy I am.

When it comes to fear,our ego andourspirit have two different agendas: ego wants to run for the hills and be safe, while spirit wants to fly like an eagle as high as it can go, fully experiencing life, including fear.

When I immerse myself in the Present Moment and savor it like delicious candy, time stretches like taffy into a sweet eternal Nooooow!

What seems like chaos & disaster is just an 'obstacle illusion'. In truth it is a rousing call to more vibrancy, wholeness, and a higher order of being.

I believe there are possible exit points OR step up points in our lives - times when we decide to renew or not renew our contract with life, times we ask ourselves "Am I having fun? Do I still want to be here? Is there something I'd love to do and am I willing to do it?"

We all have shadows. The brighter your light, the moe clearly defined the shdows are. That makes it easier to face, embrace, and replace the shadows with the light of awarness.

REsentment is a powerful addictive force; hangingon to feeling wronged becomes more import than anything, more important than peace, more important than love.

When stuck in the Drama Triangle of victim, rescuer, and persecutor, A WORD OF CAUTION: Issues in the triangle may appear larger than they actually are.

Things look so different from the perspective of my ego and my higher self. Two different views. Two different possibilities.

You delight up my life!

Rebirth happens when a crises grabs us by the ankles, turns us upside down, and spanks us vividly alive! The famliar day to day sameness that lulled us to sleep is upended as life sings us awake with a rousing lull-goodbye song. We open our birthday Present fully here and now, brand spanking new!

Our thoughts create chemicals in our body, such as feel-good endorphins or the stress hormone cortisol. We are literally walking laboratories and our thoughts are the chemists.

I have decided to let go of being perfect. I've chosen instead to see and accept the beauty of this cracked, weathered vessel that I've become. A little boy said to his grandmother, "Oh Gramma, you have such beautiful designs on your face." I'm learning to see myself the way that little boy sees his grandmother.

Life is mirroring back to us our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it's a funhouse mirror, distorted and exaggerated, but it's still us.

I may not be loved by a whole lot of people, but some people love me a whole lot!

Courage is being present with what's presetn, breathing into it, fully feeling and facing it, and putting on our BIG SOUL PANTIES and dealing with it.

Cancer transformed my "someday" dreams into today is the day, now is the tiem. There are many stories of people whose illness completely healed once they began to follow their bliss and live a purposeful life.

Feeling like a drip? Just remember what Rumi said: "You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the mighty ocean in the drop."

Do you have a Compassionate Witness, a sweet inner self that watches, encourages, and talk to you lovingly? There is no better traveling companion on life's journey - it will help you get through ANYTHING!

When hurt feelings are triggered there's a very good chance we my lose our perspective and fall into a trance. here's three sure-fire Trance Busters: BREATH! SING! & DANCE!

When I build a case against others I become imprisoned in that case. I am the one hwo is freed when I forgive. It's much more fun and spacious living in an open heart than a closed mind.

My friend set her watch to beep once an hour to remember that she isloved. Another friend said his watch beeps every hour, but it just reminded him that he's an idiot because he didn't know how to turn it off. We choose what beliefs we want to reinforce.

I used to run from fear like it was a monster chasing me. But once I finally faced my fear, I saw that it's just a frightenend child. I now give it a hug and let it tell me how it's feeling and soon it relaxes in my arms.

When waves of feelings crash down upon you, surf those waves to solid ground where you remember that you are a soul on a great adventure and feelings are part of the ride.

I love this reminder, "Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground." Like that little nut, our challenge is to get grounded and commit to actualizing our inherent mighty, magnificent self.

Richard Bach said, "Argue for your limitations and sure enough they're your.s" Likewise, argue for your blessings and they are also yours.

How to SHIFT: S-imply H-old the I-ntention F-or T-ransformation.

Our lizard brain reacts impulsively, like a flick of the tongue. Our Wizard Brain pauses, ponders, and produces magical possibilities.

Our primary relationship is with ourselves, and the quality ofour life is determined by how we talk to ourselves all day. Just as plants wilt from harsh words & thrive with loving words, so do we.

Whenever I feel fear and such, I tell my angels "Stay in touch." They say to me, "WE'RE always here. Its' YOU who must choose to draw near."

Checking in with myself and expressing how I feel keeps me from checking out and disconnecting. CHECK please!

Our ego wants us to get love from others; our spirit wants us to remember that we ARE love.

We are all on a hero's journey of awakening. Along the way we've been entranced by the stories we tell ourselves about our lives. Convinced that our stories are true, we are spellbound to only see & experience our life from that limited perspective. It is a great triumph on our hero's journey to awaken from our trances and discover that WE are the authors of our life stories and we can change them any time we choose.

Dopamine, the hormone most responsible for addiction, is triggered by things that arouse us, like food and sex...AND also drama and pain. It makes us crave and recreate them over and over again. That explains why many people hang on for dear life to their misery, their sad stories, their anger and resentment.

A relationship based on wholeness is when two whole people come together sparking the growth of their true selves. Many relationship are based on 'holeness', filling each other's emptiness and hiding their true self for fear the other will leave.

To determine your physical health, check your vital signs. To determine your emotional and spirtual health, check your vitality signs by asking, "Am I living a creative life, expressing my gifts, and fulfilling my purpose?"

NOW. HERE. THIS. This is it. Here & Now is all there is.

Adversity always comes with a Growth Opportunity, or, as I call it (when I'm not so thrilled about it), an "FGO".

A great paradigm shift happens when we awaken from the belief that life is happening to us and realize that WE are happening to life.

When we hide our light under a basket, we become a basket case. It takes courage to remove the basket and let our light shine in all its brilliance, and it takes strength to turn that basket over and happily receive our beautiful, bountiful, basketful of blessings.

I have fully arrived at this earth party and I want to stick around to laugh and learn and play some more. I'm reassured by Richard Bach's quote: "Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't." I'm alive, so it isn't!

Learning is a spiral: the same issue comes round again, but learners go deeper and higher each time until healing happens. Non-learners spin around in a circle endlessly chasing their tale of woe.

"You are the boss of your own reality." those words are in a letter sent to me years ago by Jane Roberts, who channeled the Seth books. I love that message: I am the boss and my employee are my feelings, beliefs, & actions - I can CHOOSE which ones to hir & which ones to fire!

When I feel unappreciated it sometimes triggers my Chopped Liver persona who then morphs (& mopes) into the Incredible Sulk. I invite them to the party, bringing them out of the shadows into the light of awareness where we can learn and play and transform.

We are all on a great treasure hunt to discover our inherent magnificence.

I have found there isone word that precedes every quantum leap and that word is "YES!" Yes, I want that! Yes, I am ready! Yes, I am willing to do whatever it takes!" That word, backed by desire, commitment, and action, sparks miracles!

I don't know what the future holds, but I do know what the Present holds...it holds ME! In a chushy, cozy, comforting embrace.

Are you aware of your mood when you eat your food? Deepak Chopra said: "Our state of mind can convert nectar into poison and poison into nectar." Therefore, eat with love, AND with people you love!

When I get my head out of the clouds, my feet on the ground, and my ass in gear, Shift Happens.

To get to the Wonderful Land of IS, where we peacefully harmonize with all that IS, just click your heels together, take deep slow breaths of acceptance, and say, "There's no place like Here. There's no place like Now."

Give the people in your life verbal bouquets of appreciation and you will find your relationships blossoming.

A feeling arises: Feel it, Love it, Own it, Wonder

When you're feeling stuck and angrily proclaim, "This is the last straw!", play with that energy, and the alchmey of play will magically transform the last straw into gold and stuckness into fun.

One thing life has taught me is that my attitude creates heaven or hell and I am responsible for my attitude. It is said that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it.

When I sweep things under the rug, the rug eventually gets pulled out from under me. When I reveal everything, my life sails along like a magic carpet ride.

In order to be liked my strategy used to be:"Don't be real...be real nice." Icould only do that for so long until the pressure built like a Jack-in-the-Box and POP! goes the truth! I have since decided to always to real and there's a lot less popping going on and...I'm more POPular.

Is your universe friendly or fiendly, pronoiac or paranoiac? Pronoia is when we believe that no matter how it may appear, "All of creation is conspiring to shower you with blessings." Breszny

Cancer was the chaos that stirred my stagnation into the birth of a more vibrant aliveness. As Bob Dylan sang, "He not busy being born is busy dying." I'm now busy being born.

There's a saying that states, "The result will show you your intention." It may be that our intention to change is 49%, yet if we have a 51% unconscious intention to stay the same, we will stay the same. What are your results showing you?

When you feel scared, sad, or angry, TAG yourself: Trust you are loved and guided. Accept that it is what it is. Gratefully count your blessings. TAG, you're it - you get to choose how you want to feel.

There's a fight going on inside me between two chickens. One chicken has ruffled feathers & squawks about EVERYTHING. The other is one cool chick, strutting and clucking with joy, knowing it is one of God's beloved creatures. Which chicken will win? The one that I feed. FEASTING ON GRATITUDE!

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept in which beauty is found in things that are weathered, asymmetrical, imperfect and impermanent. As I age, my body is becoming all of the above, therefore, I've decided to see myself as a work of art, not in spite of my flaws, but BECAUSE of them.

She asked him, "Can I be real with you and still be loved? Can I be no holds barred, think out loud, warts and all REAL?" Please don''t be anything else BUT real." he said with a smile, and she knoew that she was finally home.

When someone tells you that you're too big for your britches, say "Thank you." Just imagine they're seeing your glorious Big Ass Magnificence!

Our Compassionate Witness is a state of mindfulness that calmly watches us without judgment, like Jane Goodall sitting in the field of awareness, observing with loving curiosity the chimps in our mind and all their shenanigans. That loving awareness creates an inner friendliness and helps integrate our menagerie of selves.

We are all products of the words that were repeatedly said to us as children, and continue to say to ourselves now. Some of us heard words that hypnotized us into believing that we are not valuable. Through the power of words, we can re-hypnotize ourselves into knowing, feeling, and owning our true magnificence.

I say "Yes" to the Universe and wonderful things happen to me. Years ago I said that affirmation daily for a month...and I got fired!As a result my wholelife opened up and wonderful things did happen to me, including new work that I loved and the freedom I'd been longing for.

There are times when things look bleak but turn out even better than we can imagine. When we hang in there, twists and turns and coincidences present themselves and our lives miraculously go from sucky to succulent, from yucky to yummy. HANG IN THERE!

Oxytocin, our internal love drug, is produced when we feel and express love and compassion. Wehn we're near people who have high levels of oxytocin, our levels rise as well. That's why we like being around loving people...Oxytocin is contagious!

The words whole, heal, and holy all share the same root. When we love every part of us we become whole, healed, and holy.

My inner child and my inner mother love and hug and hold each other, celebrating one another today and every day.

Our great challenge is to become comfortable embodying our vast spirit, our vibrant aliveness, our magnificent soul, and Be Here WOW!

We have more courage than we know. When tested we somehow find the strength to soar with the eagles; instead of circling the drain, we are circling the sky!

My doctor gave me low odds of survival but I'm an odd person so that increased my odds. It's three years later and I'm still here, happy, healthy (& still odd)!

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." Likewise, nobody can make you feel loved without your consent.

A 'good' cry is when I feel my feelings fully and allow them to move through quickly like a rain shower. A 'bad' cry is when Icircle the drain in a sad story, round and round I go and 'poor me' down the drain. A bad cry is very draining! - Janet Jacobsen, EnlightenInk

Are there people in your life you want to forgive? Ask yourself: "How does God see this person?" And when you need to forgive yourself, ask yourself, "How does God see me?"

I am building my home base in the Peaceful Present Moment. Sometimes I take little side trips to Scare City, my old home town. But I no longer have permanent residence there.

I'm learning to love my perfectly imperfect self. Leonard Cohen wrote: "Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." I'm letting in lots of light.

Imagine your fear is a child who feels small and powerless. Put that child into your heart and speak to the child affectionately, comforting and loving the child. In doing this you become your loving, compasionate, Big Soul Self, which is who you truly are and your little fear self is put into perspective.

Shaking your whole body like a dog shakes water off its fur will oxygenate, de-stress, detoxify, and enhance your entire body. Instead of a coffee break, rejuvenate yourself with a shake break.

Life can be 'stretchful' at times, with lots of twists and turns, but if we're flexible, bendable and adaptable, we will be unbreakable.

"How does one become a butterfly?" she asked persively. You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."-(Trina Paulson). Are you willing to give up being a caterpillar and become your beautiful butterfly self? Let's fly!

In relationships we have the choice to squelch our true self, thereby risking our alivness for the relationship OR Reveal our true self, possibly risking our relationship for our aliveness. This one's called real-ationship and it's much more fun..

Laughter creates feelings of wellbeing. When we're stuck with a hard row to hoe, a little 'ho ho ho' weeds out our woe and helps happiness grow.

I'm training my mind all the day like a frisky puppy to "Sit and stay." It wiggles and waggles and scurries away. I call it back again and say, "Sit. Stay. Please obey." But try as I may it just wants to stray. It's fortunate I have all day.

Be simple. Simply be.

I sometimes saw my sensitivity as a curse but now I see it as a blessing. We sensitives sense things more keenly: feelings, colors, sounds, spirit, sensing there is more to life than meets the eye, that WE are so much more, sensing the mystical, miraculous magic of this sensational life!

It's my thoughts that make me feel bad; it's not another person or event that causes me to suffer, it's how I am perceiving it. As Shakespeare wrote: "It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so."

The sun is always shining above the clouds. You will find your way back to the light where treasures await you, where you will remember that you ARE the treasure, you ARE the light.

I've heard that the highest form of forgiveness is when we're able to say, "Thank you 'for giving' me this opportunity to learn and grow."

If our past, present and future selves all exist simultaneously, then it is never too late to create a happy past, present and future. Do you have any words of wisdom for your past selves? Can you hear any words of encouragement from your future selves?

Do you see the light, the beauty, the magnifence in other people? You spot it You got it, because what you see is what you be.

Love is the answer: loving what is, loving all our feelings about what is, loving ourselves for not loving what is. It's all about love. Life is a Love Story!

Joseph Campbell said, "The privelege of a lifetime is being who you are." Snoopy said, "I am the sunshine of my life!" The great philosophers agree - WE are the ones we've been waiting for!

I used to feel unlovable. To reprogram that belief I used Yes Sets. I'd say a series of y'yeses' about things I knew were true and then added onto them the new desired, related belief: There's plenty of blue sky for everyone. There's plenty of air for everyone. There's plenty of love for everyone. There's plenty of love for me. And, sure enough, there was!

When my mind is stewing and chewing on some juicy bone of contention, I remind myself of this Goethe quote: "I have tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous."

Actress Jenny McCarthy made a list of all the things that bothered her about her ex-boyfriend, Jim Carrey. When she read the list, she substituted 'he' with 'I'' it helped her to see all the ways that SHE did what she was accusing him of doing.

The seed of intention that is well tended, sprouts into miracles that boggle the mind, heal the body, and lift the spirit. My Intention Radiates Apparently Coincidental Luminous Events.

What you focus on grows. Focus on LOVE!

NOW Freedom Formula: Notice negative thoughts and feelings. Oxygenate by taking three deep breaths. Wonder, "What's the higher truth?"

When in the midst of emotional storms, take a deep breath and be open to learning. That way the thunder will always be followed by ENLIGHTENING.

Buddhists talk about 'the pain of pain' - the initial pain is unavoidable, but the reaction to that pain, the fear, anger, and resistance is self-inflected and causes the greatest suffering.

When you witness with compassion everything you think, do, and feel, something astonishing happens: you gradually BECOME more the witness than the thing you are witnessing.

When we're fully breathing, we are fully alive. When we're shallow breathing, we are shallowly alive. BREATHE!

I want to be higher-vigilant, instead of yper-vigilant - to see life from the higher perspective of my soul where I remember that I am an eternal being and everything is happening to wake me up.

Mirrors, mirrors all around, reflections of myself abound, what most needs to be loved is found in what I judge in you. Loving is the alchemy that transforms you and me to we, the 'mirror-cle' that helps me see that We Are Really ONE.

Life is like an elevator that goes up and down, and every floor has a different view. The bottom floor has a limited ego's eye view. The top floor has an expansive eagle's eye view. Does your elevator go all the way to the top?

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept in which beauty is found in imperfections. We can see our flaws as a sob story or as a Wabi Sabi story, where we love and accept our perfectly imperfect selves.

Worriers possess two very special powers: VIVID IMAGINATION and PERSISTENT FOCUS. Worriers become warriors when they use those powers to create what they really want.

The act of letting go, with arms and palms open, is the same act as receiving. Let go and Be Open to Receive!

A cat doesn't crittercize itself and try to be good. A cat doesn't think, "I shouldn't be napping now, I should be accomplishing something." A cat allows all of its catness. A cat is a cat is a cat and that's that!

I mine gold from my anger by seeing what is MINE, seeing my part in things, seeing that it is my choice to be a bitter person or a better person, to dwell in the hell of The Heartbreak Hotel, or dwell in Love.

Breathe in. Breathe out. It's okay for it to be EASY.

Life can seem like a terrible trial, but when the "I" moves forward in TRIAL it becomes TRAIL, one that leads to love, light, and learning. "I" keep moving forward.

When adversity strikes it can seem like life has turned on us, but instead it has turned us ON, igniting our courage, strength, and inner resources.

I love that flower has the word FLOW in it. Be a FLOWer, trusting like the lilies of the field that all you need will FLOW to you.

The busy mind is like a crazed acrobat, tumbling from thought to thought, leaping to conclusions.

When walking, notice your posture. If you find you're slumped over, straighten your spine, hold your head and ribcage up, and grop your shoulders down. This is an "I love myself" walk where you carry yourself like Precious Cargo.

Fear is like a child that is suffering. When you cradle the fear, comfort the fear, and whisper in fear's ear, "You are loved, you are safe", fear begins to relax.

Fear is a teacher in my life that is helping me strengthen my faith muscles, build my 'trust' fund, and cultivate a belief in a friendly universe.

I'm learning to love all the many me's: the meany, moddy, messy me's and even the mighty me's. I playfully asked my husband, "Do you love ALL of me's?" He smiled and said, "One of me's does."

If someone could see who you are, all your brilliance, all your hard work, what words of acknowledgment would you love to hear them say? Say them to yourself.

There's nothing I have to do today. There's nothing I have to do or say. Just be in the NOW all the way. That's all I have to do today.

I'm all right right now and right now is all there is.

Put on your Big Soul Panties and deal with it! - Janet Jacobsen, EnlightenInk

Just like the Ugly Duckling, we are all on a hero's journey. - Janet Jacobsen, EnlightenInk

When we savor the delicious present, life is a banquet. - Janet Jacobsen, EnlightenInk

When you hide your light under a basket, you become a basket case. Let your light shin!

The many me's are all aswirl, ungrounded and cantackerous. LIke angry hornets buzzing round, they're rankled, riled and rancourous. I take a breathe and watch them buzz, and slowly there's a blanker us. Presencing with all that is, into the Now I anchor us.

Do you ever get the feeling that you're not alone, the feeling that you're being watched over and guided? Charlotte Bronte wrote, "You are loved. There's an invisible world all around you, a kingdom that's commissioned to guard you, do you not see it?"

I've heard 2 acronyms for FEAR: Forget Everything And Run and Feel Everything And Recover. Whne I Face Embrace And Replace fear with love, I am free!

In Cymatics, the surface of a plate is vibrated and a layer of particles on the plate resonate with the vibration, eventually forming a cohesive pattern. As the frequency increases, chaos ensues and the particles go into disarray. In time, they spontaniously reorganize, forming an even more intricate, mandala-like pattern. This process repeats itself each time the frequency increases, disintegration is followed by re-integration, with a higher order of harmony. SUCH IS LIFE.

All my efforts to get my ducks in a row just quacks them up.

Fear is like a barking dog, barking at the slightest noise. The barking alerts me that it's time to take my inner barking dog for a walk in nature and get reconnected to my spirit...taking my God for a walk.

A DAILY VOWEL MOVEMENT FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH: A-Alkalize (east greens, avoid sugar). E-Exercise (walk, dance, bounce). I-Immune System Boosters (herbs, happiness). O-Oxygenize (deep slow diaphramatic breaths). U-Ultra Violet Sunlight (in moderation).

If you find yourself sinking in stinking thinking, with your confidence shrinking, and you're thinking of drinking, then it's time to start linking with your warm, wise, winking Higher Self.

Our life force energy has a dimmer switch, and we are in control of that switch. Just how big, bright and alive can we let ourselves be? It is our choice: brighter or dimmer, BIG ME or pigmy

Every time we smile our brain releases feel-good endorphins. When we smile at others, they smile back, and the endorphins spread like wildflowers. An acronym for smile is: Stimulate My Inner Love Energy.

We are all gods with amnesia, waking up to who we truly are. When I think about the challenges we souls face here on planet earth, I'm in awe of our courage and spirit. I agree with Rumi who said, "When you see your beauty you will become your own idol."

What I resist persists. What I align with, I'm fine with. When I'm in harmony I minimize the harm in me.

In times of crisis our frightened ego feels like the sky is falling, yet our awakened spirit remembers..."I am the sky."

Don't pray for, pray FROM: that puts you in the energy of HAVING instead of wanting.

Leonard Cohen wrote, "If you don't become the ocean, you'll be seasick every day." When I come into harmony with all that floats and flounders about in my ocean, I am at peace.

She thought she was the biggest scaredy cat in the world, but discovered she was someone who has the courage to be present with her worst fears, one breath at a time, one trembling paw in front of the other.

We don't get what we want, we get what we vibrate. What are you vibrating right now? What would you like to vibrate?

Worries are a reminder to come into the present moment, into the state of grace place where everything works out. It's our unlimited "Trust' fund which we have access to at any time.

Nietzsche said, "You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a danching star." When stuck in stagnation, chaos comes to stir and steer us oneward and upward to become the stars we truly are!

When we surrender to the Present Moment, we enter a state of grace place where everything we need easefully flows to us. I call this place The Miracle-Prone Zone.

When challenges appear, my ego moans, "We are in deep doodoo." But my spirit exalts, "Rich compost!"

Life is not about being perfect, it's about being whole. As Carl Jung said ' I'd rather be whole than good." We become whole when we love every part of us.

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