My name is Janet Jacobsen. Here I am with my husband Tom, laughing as usual. Life wasn’t always so sweet; I spent most of my life never believing I would ever say the words ‘my husband’. I was hardwired to live my life alone, but through a journey of self-exploration and emotional healing, I was successful in rewiring myself and allowing love to come into my life. I write about how I accomplished this in my book Miracle Marriage: A Transformational Journey to Love, Joy, and Intimacy. This book is filled with tips, tools, thrills, and spills on the road to the greatest love I could ever imagine, going strong for twelve years and counting!  I’m here to tell you, if I could do it, anyone can! (You can contact me at enlightenink@gmail.com)


Miracle Marriage ebook

Miracle Marriage eBook describes with humor and honesty the remarkable journey from despair to Love, Joy and Intimacy. $5.95

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    Just like a garden, the energy of love needs to be cultivated with care, attention and commitment. This 36-page eBook will show you practical, easy, and effective ways to plant, grow, and attract the energy of love in your life. $5.95

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