Apr 01 2009

The View from My Hospital Bed

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It is midnight.

I am inwardly moaning and complaining about

the moaning, complaining woman next to me

who is keeping me awake.

I want to feel compassion.

And…I want to throttle her.

I ask the nurse, “Is there a quieter room?”


There is no escape.

How perfect – I am reading the book, “The Wisdom of No Escape”

about compassion and surrendering to what is.

I surrender.

I cry.

My roomie and I cry together.

I ask about her and she tells me her story.

Her daughter died 4 months ago, which shattered her heart.

Ten days ago she crashed her car into a tree, which shattered her body.

“I am in so much pain,” she cries.

I want to hug her.

I want to hold her hand.

How perfect that she is my roommate.

She is reminding me about compassion.

I fall asleep sending her love on my out breaths.

This morning I watched the sun rise

over the mountains.

How wonderful to have this view

from my hospital bed.

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