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Feb 20 2011

Scan Results & Healing Regimen/Resources – Issue #67

I have received the results of the PET CT scan I had on Friday. It showed that there was hypermetabolic activity only in the area where the tumor was, where the radiation treatment was focused. I’m very relieved that it is localized and hasn’t spread. The conclusion of the scan reads as follows:

“Stable appearance to mild hypermetabolic activity about the rectum. This is a nonspecific finding and may represent minimal inflammatory change. However, the possibility of neoplastic disease cannot be entirely excluded. SUV is 6.0.”

The results are inconclusive and my doctor said that only a biopsy would tell for sure (which is too invasive so I don’t intend to get one). What lit up on the scan could be inflammation from the radiation treatment, or it could be that a bit of cancer still remains. I like that they used the words “stable” and “mild”.

My plan is to continue to do what I’ve been doing, since it seems to be working. Some people have asked what my healing regimen is so I’d like to share it with you. According to my research, everything on the list below has been shown to have anti-cancer, healing ability and I’ve put an asterisk beside those that I think are particularly powerful. I will soon be adding to this regimen a potent anti-cancer herb called Paw Paw, which works the same way that Protocel does, but in addition it is the only known substance that kills multi-drug-resistant cancer cells. To read about Paw Paw go to

This cancer journey has been a wake-up call AND a gift that has brought me to a place of more aliveness, greater awareness of the preciousness of life, deeper appreciation for my loved ones, being more on purpose, less fearful, more whole, and filled with gratitude for this eternal NOW moment. The journey continues!

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen



*ANTI-ANGIOGENESIS FOODS (block formation of blood vessels that feed tumors) such as:

*green tea

*turmeric, garlic, nutmeg, lavender, ginger, milk thistle, D3, Selenium,

*parsley, celery

*dark chocolate (yes!)

*resveratrol (as in red grapes)

tomato sauce

kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, bok choy, artichokes

Maitake mushrooms



olive oil


grapefruit, lemons

strawberries, blueberries, apple, oranges, red grapes

pineapple, cranberries, blackberries, plums


*No sugar (sweeten with Stevia, or occasionally raw honey)

*No dairy

*Low hypoglycemic foods (no white flour, rice, pasta etc.)

*Lots of greens (creating an alkaline state in the body)

*Carrot juice

*Omega 3 oil (flaxseed oil, ground flaxseeds, walnuts)


*Chinese herbs (from Santa Barbara Dr. Han)

*Turmeric and Bromelain (NOW brand, my year-long pain stopped after I started taking 4 of these a day – Turmeric fights cancer in numerous ways)

*Ellagic acid (Meeker Red Raspberry Seed – 8 a day – good source is

*Low-Dose Naltrexone (prescribed by a doctor – can reduce  tumors – read about it at


*Positive attitude/Faith/Trust

Read uplifting books

Visualize healing

Scripting (start the day writing or speaking how I want it to be as if it were already so, such as “Today I feel healthy, strong, and vibrantly alive.”)

Coaching from Melanie Brown at for healing cancer resources and attitude adjustment


*Reduce stress

Simplify my life

Become present in the moment



Love – activating the healing energy of love by focusing on my heart, breathing through my heart, feeling loved and loving


*Emotional release

Fully feel, face and embrace my feelings

EFT (tapping on meridian points to help release fears, stress and even cancer.)  See


*Exercise (reduces stress and oxygenates the body)


Gentle bouncing activates lymphatic system

Walking in sunshine, nature

Guo Ling Chi Kung walk – see video at


*Energy work




*Acceptance – It is what it is.

Fully receive the learning and lessons from the cancer experience

Affirm life purpose – Recommitting to life and doing what I love

Lots of laughter

Lots of hugs


Outsmart Your Cancer – Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments that Work by Tanya Harter Pierce


Cancer-Free – Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson


Anti Cancer – A New Way of Life by David Servan-Shreiber


A Thousand Names for Joy – Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are by Byron Katie


Miracles Every Day – The Story of One Physician’s Inspiring Faith and the Healing Power of Prayer by Maura Poston Zagrans


No Death, No Fear – Comforting Wisdom for Life by Thich Nhat Hanh


The Spontaneous Healing of Belief by Gregg Braden


Journey of Souls – Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton


Now That I Have Cancer I Am Whole – Reflections on Life and Healing for Cancer Patients and Those Who Love Them by John Robert McFarland


The Intention Experiment – Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and World by Lynne McTaggert


Living Well With Pain & Illness – The Mindful Way to Free Yourself from Suffering by Vidyamala

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Feb 08 2011

Chickens in Paradise – Issue #66

I have made a big decision…I’ve decided to get a PET CT scan and find out what is happening with the cancer in my body – Is it still there? Is it spreading? Is it completely gone? Up until now I haven’t wanted to know (and doctors said there was nothing more they could do anyway). I’ve been reluctant to know because I’m aware that my attitude affects my health – I know that imagining myself whole and healed, as I’ve been doing, turns on healing genes, and stress turns them off. I didn’t want to risk stressing out and turning off the healing genes.

What is different now are a couple of things: For one, I’ve discovered an alternative treatment called Protocel (see the P.S. below) that is said to heal cancer about 50% of the time. The data and testimonials are very encouraging for all stages and types of cancer, so if I do still have cancer, I have a plan. (And, it is just possible that a scan will show that the cancer is already completely gone. How cool would that be!)

What else is different is that I no longer feel my attitude would plummet if I learned the cancer is still in me, at least not for long. I am willing to fully feel whatever waves of feelings come up and surf them back to solid ground where I remember I am loved, I am guided, I am watched over, and I am right where I’m supposed to be. One thing life has taught me is that my attitude creates heaven or hell and I am responsible for my attitude. As the saying goes, “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it.”

Tom and I were recently considering a trip to the beautiful island of Kauaii where we could stay for free for seven days in a timeshare gifted to us by dear friends. I started researching the island and found out it is a lush garden paradise, AND it is overrun by feral chickens and roosters! Some people think they’re funny little critters and aren’t bothered by them, some even think they’re beautiful, but others think that the constant cacophonous squawking and cockadoodle-dooing make it seem like little pointy-beaked devils have turned paradise into hell. It is all in the eyes and ears of the beholder. I am sensitive to noise and it would be a ‘hell’ of a challenge for me, but if I really wanted to I think I could reframe the little peckers into heavenly creatures! It all depends on what I choose to focus on.

It’s like the story about the Cherokee grandfather who is telling his grandchild about two wolves inside him. I’d like to tell you my version of that story: A Grandfather says to his grandchild, “A fight is going on inside me between two chickens. One chicken is always…well…feeling kind of chicken – worried and squawking and nit picking about every little thing. The other chicken is strutting its stuff, singing with joy, feeling like one of God’s beloved creatures, trusting it won’t be deep fried and become someone’s dinner, knowing that even if that happened, it is an eternal being and life will go on in another form. This same fight is going on inside of everyone.” His grandchild asked, “Which chicken will win, Grandfather?” The grandfather simply replied, “The one you feed.”

Even though I can be a big chicken at times, I can also be a brave chick filled with hope and faith – that is the one I intend to feed. But if the fearful chicken in me starts squawking, I will just love it, pet its ruffled feathers, allowing it to be where it is, until it calms down and transforms into the faith-filled chick that knows I am safe, I am loved, and all is well no matter what happens.

I don’t have much control over what happens in life but I do have control over how I choose to perceive and respond to it. I am ready to face what is happening in my body and will not chicken out on getting the PET scan, though I might squawk a little bit, it is kind of scary.  But I know I can cockadoodle do this! If the scan shows there’s no more cancer, I will crow about it from the rooftops! If there is cancer I will take the Protocel and if it works I will also crow about it for all to hear. If it doesn’t work, well then, I will fly the coop when the time comes, moving on to the next great adventure.

Do you have two chickens fighting inside you? Which one are you feeding? They’re both God’s children. Give them a hug from me.

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen


Protocel is an inexpensive, non-toxic liquid formula that thousands of people have used to successfully heal themselves of cancer. It was developed over the course of fifty years by an American chemist named Jim Sheridan, who as a teenager had a strong belief in God and miracles and he fervently prayed to be of service by discovering a cure for cancer. He began having dreams about a formula that eventually became Protocel. To read more about Protocel go to Another great website is (which contains an inspiring account of one woman’s experience with Protocel as well as an amazing account of Jim Sheridan’s journey with developing it, as told by his son).

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