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Nov 22 2010

The Transformative Power of ‘Yes Sets’ – Issue #63

Right now I feel really good. I am pain free for the first time in a year. I am feeling happy, peaceful and healthy. No, this isn’t me reciting pie-in-the-sky affirmations about how I want it to be…it is actually SO! Despite the doctors prediction that my cancer will inevitably grow and that basically I am toast, I’m still here and I’m feeling better all the time. Could it be that something I’m doing is working?! I’m not sure exactly what that might be since I’m doing a multitude of healing modalities (to be shared in a later newsletter). However, I am convinced that one of the most powerful things I am doing is called ‘Yes Sets’. Yes Sets have a proven track record in my life of producing miracles.

What are Yes Sets? They are a form of hypnosis which involves saying a series of persuasive truisms that get your head nodding and mind agreeing and affirming, “Yes, that’s true.” Thiså activates the agreement part of our brain. Then at the end of this series of at least three true statements, you slip in the desired, related belief. Yes Sets help set us up for new, desired possibilities, and set us free from stubborn, habitual mindsets. The reason this is important is that the mind has tremendous influence over what plays out in our bodies and in our lives. Our life and our body are like play doh, shaped and formed by our thoughts and beliefs.

A perfect example of this is the amazing, true account of “Mr. Wright” (a pseudonym), who in the mid 1950’s was dying from cancer of the lymph nodes. He had tumors the size of oranges and was weak and feverish and clearly on his way out. His doctors gave him an experimental drug called Krebiozen. Within a few days his tumors were half their size and ten days later they were almost completely gone and he was restored to good health. However, when he heard reports that the drug was a failure, his health declined and his tumors returned. His doctors decided to try an experiment. They told him those reports were wrong, that the drug actually did work at a higher dosage. This time they gave him a placebo, telling him it was a higher dose of Krebiozen, and once again his tumors vanished and he returned to good health. Alas, a few months later the AMA came out with a formal announcement that the drug was useless, and shortly thereafter Mr. Wright checked into a hospital and died of his disease.

The mind can kill us or cure us. Convincing the mind that what we want IS possible is paramount and Yes Sets are a powerful way to accomplish that. I’ll give you an example of the miraculous mind and life altering effect of using Yes Sets in my life. Most of my life I had a deeply entrenched belief that I was unlovable and would always be alone. I literally could not conceive of being loved by a man. When I finally figured out that that was simply a hard-wired habitual belief, I began using Yes Sets to change that belief.

Here is one of the Yes Sets I used that evoked an affirmative response and helped open my mind, and therefore my life, to love:

There’s plenty of blue sky for everyone.

There’s plenty of oxygen for everyone.

There’s plenty of love for everyone.

There’s plenty of love for me. (This desired belief easily slips into the series of yeses preceding it).

Another set of persuasive truisms that I used were:

I am a valuable friend with depth, humor and a commitment to authenticity and personal growth.

My friends deeply love and appreciate that about me.

I deeply love and appreciate that about myself.

There are men who would love to have a partner with those qualities.

There are men who would love to have me as a partner.

In fact, some man would be dang lucky to have me as a partner!


By using Yes Sets (and other techniques), I successfully convinced myself that I was lovable, that I deserved love and could have a lasting, loving relationship with the man of my dreams. Soon love came into my life in the form of my husband-to-be, Tom, who is a constant visual reminder to me that hardwired beliefs can be changed, and deeply desired beliefs can become reality.

Now, as I am healing from cancer, I am affirming a series of affirmative, head-nodding truisms such as:

I am daily, diligently doing powerful healing modalities.

These modalities have produced miraculous cures for many people.

Miracles happen in my life.

I am feeling stronger and healthier everyday.

I believe these modalities can produce a miraculous cure for me.

I believe that I can be completely healed!

As I dwell in these truisms I have come to believe that maybe I will be around for a while. Maybe I’m not toast after all. Maybe I will be the toast of the town! Maybe I really will be completely healed. I know that this belief rearranges my cells, my reality and my outcome. As Deepak Chopra has written, “We are the only creatures on the planet who can change our biology through our thoughts, feelings and intentions. Our cells are constantly eavesdropping on our thoughts and being changed by them.”

Do you have a hardwired belief that you would like to change? Is there something you would like to have in your life but believe it’s impossible? I highly recommend using Yes Sets to set you free from old programming and set you up for unlimited possibilities. Yes! Yes! Yes!

In Love,

Jan Jacobsen

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